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De-Stress Desk Yoga: For when you have had too much online shopping and other stress producing desk tasks.

This short blog is a bit tongue in cheek but it really is worth doing. I am a bit punchy because I have been online for a couple of hours doing Christmas shopping.  Since you are reading this I will assume you are at your laptop, PC or tablet doing work at your desk, hunching your shoulders forward creating tension and poor spinal alignment and most likely taking shallow breaths.  I caught myself doing this and thus this blog was born.

It is time for a short de-stress yoga break.  Remember the butterfly effect; a seemingly small behavior can have a big, long-term effect.  This is one of those butterfly moments to take advantage of.

First check your posture.  You may need to move up towards the front of the chair.  Place your feet flat on the floor; adjust your bottom so that the tail bone is pointing down.  Lift your arms up and out in front of you, shoulder height.  Extend your fingertips forward and notice how your shoulders are in front of your body.  Now draw your shoulders back until they are behind your body.  Your front body has now risen up and your diaphragm is open to take in more breath. Breathe in through the nose and exhale slowly back through the nose.  Drop your hands to rest on your thighs but keep your posture.  Lift your chin parallel to your thighs and draw your skull gently back to feel that beautiful alignment from the crown of your head to your tail.  Now we de-stress with the breath, close your eyes while you slowly inhale and exhale through the nose 3 times.  I am feeling better just writing this!  Now release neck and shoulder tension; inhale and slowly bring your chin up to the ceiling exhale and slowly drop your chin to your chest, repeat 3 x.  Beginning with your chin to your chest roll your right ear over your shoulder as you inhale, exhale, inhale, and then as you exhale and roll your chin to your chest. Repeat to the other side.  Now to release back tension; inhale and arch your back leading with your heart, bringing your chin to the ceiling, exhale and arch your back backward bringing your chin to your chest, repeat 3 x.   Repeat the sequence if your body says more please!

Before I get back to work I am going get myself a glass of water and add a drop of Young Living Peppermint Oil to keep me alert and in a happy, holiday mood!