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Holy Yoga is the Dance of My Faith

ImageEngage ,align, gaze; my yoga practice is most effective when I actively and intentionally submit to these.  My faith walk is also most effective when I engage, align and hold my gaze upon Jesus.   The more I practice Holy Yoga the more my practice expresses my faith walk, and my faith walk is expressed through my yoga practice.  When I stay disciplined to my practice I continue to make progress.  

If done properly, yoga will never cause injury or harm because it does not force your muscles.  Yet each pose I am willing to attempt, to take to the “edge”, stretches me and strengthens me.  Each time I attempt a pose, I am able to go deeper into the pose and benefit from it. 

Holy Yoga isn’t a win or lose, all or nothing, it is slow and steady; a practice of GRACE.  It is being who you are in that moment and accepting that.  It is an attitude of patience and perseverance.  

Holy Yoga is about breath.  I breathe in God’s spirit and exhale his love; taking in what I need and letting go of the old.  In the surrender I find victory.  With the breath, I move forward and upward.  I find strength that has gone unclaimed.  

Holy Yoga is not just a metaphor of my faith, it is the dance of my faith.  It is being in step with Jesus.  It is “rooting down to RISE up”!  As I breathe in his spirit I exhale his love.

Lord, engage me, align me and forever keep my gaze upon you.