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Retirement or Rebirth?

re·tire·ment   noun:  the action or fact of leaving one’s job and ceasing to work.
There has been a struggle finding my new “normal” since retiring.   I did leave a job I loved but I have certainly not ceased to work!   In fact, my days are just as full and busy.  They are now filled with different and new experiences.

God is placing new desires in my heart.  There is evidence of God at work within me and around me.  I am being changed from the inside out.  What has occurred has been more transformation than retirement.  It has required a form of dying to give birth.

Did you know that a caterpillar digests itself to have the energy to morph into a butterfly?  As I digest the past to create the future I am being re-created for a new purpose.  My new wings are beginning to form as my metamorphosis continues.

Re-tirement  has been an experience of re-birth, of re-storing, of re-newing!

A re-born life is participating in a life of transformation.  It is an awakening to the power, goodness, beauty and grace of God our Creator.  God’s definition of transformation is making choices that renew us, choices that no longer conform to the world’s thinking but to the thoughts and actions that please God.  Romans 12:2

As we renew our minds and fill our hearts with God’s truths we find ourselves changing from the inside out.  Our thoughts create our emotions, our emotions influence our body systems, the health of our body affects our thoughts and emotions, and around it goes.  We are created with a heart, mind, body and spirit, each a part of the whole.  Achieving balance in each area creates health and wholeness.

May we all experience a re-born life many times over.