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Back To School Essential Oils; Emotions Affect Learning

We all pay a high price for emotional and physical stress.   Children are vulnerable to stress whether or not caring adults are able to perceive  it.  In an article published by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, titled How Emotions Affect Learning,  low levels of cortisol produce the euphoria we feel when we’re in control, high levels triggered by the stress response can induce the despair we often feel when we’ve failed.  Feeling “out of control” and failing” are emotions often experienced by children, parents and teachers at the onset of the school year.  Also stated, chronic high cortisol levels can eventually destroy hippocampal neurons associated with learning and memory (incent 1990).   Moreover, chronic stress can also lead to a variety of circulatory, digestive, and immune disorders.

The beginning of the school year is a particularly stressful time in children, parents and teachers lives.  Taking a pro-active stance to address the emotional well-being of the family using therapeutic grade essential oils would allow for improved learning and overall health.

Back To School Tips Peace and Calming

Stress reduces a child’s ability to learn. Citrus Oils will help calm anxiety, adapt to stress, and uplift mood!  Diffuse Orange, Lemon, Citrus Fresh Blend oil in the mornings before your children head out the door for school!  It will help everyone have a great start to the day.

Sleep effects learning, memory and performance.  Promote a good night’s rest with Lavender, Cedarwood, Roman and German Chamomile, Marjoram, Peace and Calming, and Stress Away.

Cedarwood stimulates the release of melatonin; apply this on their big toes.  Lavender is a calming, relaxing and balancing oil that can be diffused, and applied to feet, wrists, and the back of the neck. Peace and Calming is a blend that promotes relaxation and a deep sense of peace and emotional well-being. Apply Peace and Calming to the bottoms of feet, wrists, and the back of the neck and diffuse!  Both Stress Away and Peace & Calming will help release some of those anxious feelings and worries that often go unspoken. Transitions and unfamiliar tasks are hard, add these oils to your bedtime routine to help you and your child!

Mental clarity and concentration are required for learning and memory retention.  Studies indicate Rosemary increases memory by 75%. Peppermint essential oil helps increase mental accuracy and it stimulates the brain. Diffuse one or both to help shake that brain fog or when it is difficult to attend. Diffuse after school or during homework time to give a boost of energy and mental alertness. Oils high in sesquiterpenes increase oxygen around the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus of the brain.  Blends such as Brain Power, Clarity and Common Sense were created to stimulate brain functioning and enhance learning.

Including Young Living Essential Oils on your back to school list is a safe, pleasant and natural way to promote a great beginning to the school year.  Try it and see what a difference Young Living essential oils will make in your child’s learning and health.  The only side effect to using Young Living oils is that the whole family will be  happier and healthier ALL year long!


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