The One Where Disease Didn’t Win

Choose life and all it’s blessings!

Sabrina Gauer

Snow day- and I am loving it. Tucked away, all cozy and safe inside, with a hot cup of coffee and some leftover cupcakes from my sister’s birthday this past weekend, everything is beautiful right now, for so many reasons.

Quick recap:

  • On September 9th, 2015, my entire life completely changed when I was diagnosed with Stage 1 oral squamous cell carcinoma.
  • October 12th, I had intensive, 6-hour surgery that removed the tumor and reconstructed half of my tongue using skin grafts from my arm and leg, and a neck dissection to remove 41 lymph nodes.
  • A 10 day hospital stay followed the surgery- trachea tubes, feeding tubes, endless meds and examinations that are a blur of extreme physical pain, floods of love and support from family and friends, and more God-given strength than I ever knew possible.
  • After testing my dissected lymph nodes from my neck and finding positive…

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