Essential Oils

What Is An Essential Oil?

Pure, genuine essential oils produced by Young Living are often referred to as the missing link to health and wellness today. Listen to an audio explaining the therapeutic benefits of Young Living essential oils.

Plants contain complex and powerful substances known as essential oils. These are aromatic liquids derived from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. These distinctive components defend plants from insects, harsh environmental conditions, and disease. They are also vital for a plant to grow, live, evolve, and adapt to its surroundings. Referred to as the essence of the plant, pure essential oils not only protect the plant, but also determine its aroma.

Essential oils have been used throughout time dating back to 4500 BC. From perfumes and aromatherapy to cooking and medicinal purposes, essential oils have been used in everyday life for centuries. In modern days, research shows that pure essential oils can provide similar benefits to humans and animals that they give to plants.

Importance Of Quality
Many oils, touted as essential oils, are derived with harsh chemicals, diluted, or copied and produced in a lab. Cheap copies bring cheap results and have the potential to be toxic. Therefore, it is imperative to take great care in choosing high-quality essential oils.

The Young Living Standard
Holy Yoga, Young Living, essential oils, Rochester, NY,Young Living offers pure, unadulterated essential oils, essential oil blends, and oil-enhanced products. At Young Living, in-house and independent laboratory testing shows that our essential oils meet high industry standards that qualify them as “therapeutic grade.” This means that health professionals choose them for promoting health and wellness.

Young Living is dedicated to producing essential oils from the highest-quality plants. Healthy plants and proper distillation produce superior essential oils with powerful benefits. Every oil is put through a series of rigorous tests before it is deemed qualified to bear the Young Living label. Our essential oils are then bottled in dark, thick, glass containers to protect the integrity of the oils. Under the lid is a fixed orifice that helps to measure dosages and to ensure safety, particularly for young children.

According to Dr. Herve Casabianca (Ph.D.), Chairman of the International Standards Organization (ISO) Committee on Essential Oil Standards (a European agency whose acronym is AFNOR), there is only one company in North America who regularly sends samples to the AFNOR laboratory in France for testing to be measured against the international standards for therapeutic quality, and that is Young Living, Inc.

“Therefore, “says Dr. Casabianca, “Young Living oils are the only therapeutic grade oils, of which I am aware, produced and/or marketed by an American company.”

Products containing essential oils
Because of the vast amount of benefits that essential oils can provide, Young Living produces an array of products that are enhanced with pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Young Living offers superior nutritional products infused with essential oils, such as:

* Antioxidants – Discover Ningxia Red, an industry leading essential oil infused antioxidant functional drink, now with 7x more essential oils than ever before and a 50% higher S-ORAC score.

* Meal Replacements (no artificial sweeteners here).

* Targeted Solutions – for women, to maintain natural balance and harmony under extreme stress, control weight, and offset glandular changes.

Essential Living


Without realizing it, your home can be a toxic environment with synthetic scents, cleaners, skin care products, etc. Young Living offers a solution with our industry leading essential oil infused Essential Living product line that includes:

* Natural Household Cleaners (Thieves) – boosting your immune system while leaving your home refreshed.

* Skin Care and Anti-Aging solutions – keeping your skin youthful and supple in our youth oriented world.

* Hair and Oral Care — to not only look your best but to function at your best.

* Bath & Shower aids – that promote health as well as natural cleansing.

Cooking, Kid Scents, and Pet Care

From dietary supplements to personal care products, essential oils create a synergistic effect with other ingredients, which increases the effectiveness of the product. Take a look at the amazing essential oil-enhanced products that Young Living offers by visiting us at

Take a look at it now, and consider establishing your own Young Living Account. You can experience the benefits of Young Living products at wholesale, with the ability to share these products with others to support their own health, while enhancing your financial health.

 Let me know how I can support you for health and wellness.


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