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Ahhh-mazing Young Living Citrus Oils

I use the word ahhh-mazing because what other affordable, easy to use, pleasing to the senses, natural substance has been scientifically proven in thousands of studies around the world to be among the most powerful anti-aging, antioxidant, health promoting agent in the world?   Learn more about why Young Living citrus essential oils are a … Continue reading

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Back To School Essential Oils; Emotions Affect Learning

We all pay a high price for emotional and physical stress.   Children are vulnerable to stress whether or not caring adults are able to perceive  it.  In an article published by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, titled How Emotions Affect Learning,  low levels of cortisol produce the euphoria we feel when we’re … Continue reading

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Insect Annoyance Be Gone DIY Non Toxic spray

DIY Insect Repellent ~ No cautions or warnings needed on this 100% safe natural versatile insect spray. Mix up a batch in minutes! Apply when needed…NO worries! I use only Young Living Essential Oils. • 3 oz. distilled or purified water • 5 drops YLEO Peppermint Essential oil • 10 drops YLEO Purification Essential oil … Continue reading

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De-Stress Desk Yoga: For when you have had too much online shopping and other stress producing desk tasks.

This short blog is a bit tongue in cheek but it really is worth doing. I am a bit punchy because I have been online for a couple of hours doing Christmas shopping.  Since you are reading this I will assume you are at your laptop, PC or tablet doing work at your desk, hunching … Continue reading